We like food, a lot. So much so that we won't serve it or even think about making it if we also don't want to sit down and eat it ourselves. No, we won't eat your food, that's silly. But we will make sure it's perfect before you try it.  That's our promise to you. You deserve it!

Chef Brandon and his wife Amanda started cooking in San Diego, CA. waaaaay back when they were babies. They discovered, together, they're passion and love for telling stories through food, and connecting strangers by creating flavors and recipes that evoke shared memories.  reddoordining actually started as Cow by Bear Savannah.  Remember that weird dining club with the bear?  Yep, that's them. Chef Brandon was the bear. Anyways....Chef Brandon and Amanda quickly realized that they needed to meet Savannahians in the middle somewhere between seasonal cuisine, and southern favorites, otherwise this just wouldn't work. And so, they did....

reddoordining is a celebration of what brings people together through food.  Smells, tastes, and flavors can all bring us closer to a memory of something, somewhere.  reddoordining not only aims to connect those memories to its customers, but also means to create new memories to last a lifetime.  And so, hence therefore...


Let's party!